WebMoney XML-Interfaces

Automate your work with WebMoney Transfer System through interfaces:

  • Purpose and description of WMSigner authentication module
  • Interface X1 — Sending Invoice from merchant to customer
  • Interface X2 — Transferring funds from one purse to another
  • Interface X3 — Receiving the History of Transactions; checking Transaction status
  • Interface X4 — Receiving the history of issued invoices. Verifying whether invoices were paid
  • Interface X5 — Completing a code-protected transaction. Entering a protection code
  • Interface X6 — Sending message to random WM-identifier via internal mail
  • Interface X7 — Verifying client’s handwritten signature – owner of WM Keeper WinPro
  • Interface X8 — Retrieving information about purse ownership. Searching for system user by his/her identifier or purse
  • Interface X9 — Retrieving information about purse balance
  • Interface X10 — Retrieving list of invoices for payment
  • Interface X11 — Retrieving information from client’s passport by WM-identifier
  • Interface X12 — Importing statement of a purse into a 1C document
  • Interface X13 — Recalling incomplete protected transaction
  • Interface X14 — Fee-free refund
  • Interface X15 — Viewing and changing settings of “by trust” management
  • Interface X16 — Creating a purse
  • Interface X17 — Operations with arbitration contracts
  • Interface X18 — Getting transaction details via merchant.webmoney
  • Interface X19 — Verifying personal information for the owner of a WM identifier
  • Interface X20 — Making transactions through the merchant.webmoney service without leaving the seller’s site (resource, service, application)
  • Interface X21 — Setting trust for merchant payments by SMS
  • Interface X22 — Receiving the ticket of prerequest payment form at merchant.webmoney
  • Interface X23 — Rejecting invoice from merchant to customer.

Libraries for working with XML-interfaces