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Charity Fund "BLAGOMAY" (

to help children from orphanages and immigrant children of Ukraine. Charity for the future! Our Charity Programs: Needs of immigrant children, Urgent needs of orphanages, «Children’s Day», «SPORTS FOCUS», «Full School Bag», «Get to know Ukraine», «Children’s Yoga», «Factory of Miracles», «8th of March», «Warming Hearts», «Easter Miracle», «Healthy Generation»

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Charitable AdVita Fund (

Fundraising for children with cancer

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The Chance International Children’s Charity Foundation (

Foundation is aimed at providing targeted help to the families of severely ill children. It involves the payment for medical treatment, operations and rehabilitation, as well as the purchase of medications, medical equipment and treatment-related expenses coverage if such cannot be provided within the local healthcare resources.

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Toldos Yeshurun (

Numerous classes, lectures, chavrusas, night kollelim, and communities for Russian-speakers in various parts of Eretz Yisroel. Articles as well as audio and video materials on-line at

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Chernovetskyi Charity Fund (

The Fund was established , with the purpose of aiding large families, orphans and old people who cannot get out of their beds.

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Auka Lietuvos Caritas organizacijai (

Caritas tarptautin katalikika organizacija visame pasaulyje vykdanti humanitarin veikl ir padedanti vargstantiems nepriklausomai nuo j rass religijos lyties ir tautybs. Lietuvos Caritas yra nacionalin Caritas organizacija teikianti dvasin ir materialin pagalb vargstantiesiems.

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Biznesa karjeras un cita veida bezmaksas konsult (

Izmantojot Paysera sistmu musu majas lapa tiks pieemti tikai ziedojuma maksjumi.

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