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IP Telecom Bulgaria (

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Svjaz-STC (

Cloudy operator: Telephony for busines and individuals

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VoIP service

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HotTelecom (

Hottelecom, offers virtual phone numbers ,and landline numbers in more than 90 countries . Using those numbers you are capable of forwarding your calls to different destinations such as SIP\Skype\mobile or landline numbers . SMS numbers can forward incoming sms to email or your cellphone ,Toll-free numbers (numbers 8800) with free calls in within the region are also available. If you want to make your business even more profitable and ever growing , we can offer you virtual office , IP PBX with availability of additional channels , call recording features , IVR electronic greeting feature and voice mail. And there's more, we recently added one-time SMS numbers for registration (verification numbers ) which you can use to register in social networks or any other online service.

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Интертелеком (

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Skype credits (

Skype Credits

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KeyCollect SA (

KeyCollect provides PSP/APM's services to merchant Dellmont SARL. Dellmont offers online telecommunications services similar to Skype.

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Rostelekom - Plati prosto (


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VOIP services (

Internet telephony VoiP from office and home fixed net and with mobile phone and WiFi

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